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Gear Racks

We offer gear racks in various designs and qualities. Custom manufacturing upon request is also possible. We deliver a custom-fit product for all fields and industries.

The two division lines, and for gear wheel pairs the two shafts, must be parallel. The centre distance dimensions and tolerance must correspond to the quality requirements of the standard DIN 3964. The mechanism and the calculation of the backlash are described in DIN 3967. In the case of rack-and-pinion drives, the backlash can be adjusted in a targeted manner by adding one of two drive elements.

For drive systems with milled gear wheels, the following guideline values apply to the backlash:

  • For small wheels and module 1 to 2 = 0.1 mm
  • For medium-sized wheels and module 2 to 3 = 0.2 mm
  • For large wheels and module 3 to 5 = 0.3 mm
For pairings capable of bearing high loads, the contact pattern under load should always be checked.

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