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Products of Stadler Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

In our production halls, 30 km outside Stuttgart, we manufacture and develop gear wheels, design gear units, and provide services relating to drive system technology. We pay particular attention to ensuring that every product manufactured by our company only leaves our facility when it meets the high quality requirements we place on it.

The gear units are designed in such a way as to be as quiet, light, cost-effective, wear-resistant and furthermore energy-efficient as possible. We achieve this amongst other things through the use of the calculation program KISSSOFT, a modern machinery pool, and naturally through highly qualified employees.

Bevel Gears

Solutions for a wide range of different industries and applications make Stadler Antriebstechnik a reliable partner of industry, whether for gearing technology or gear unit engineering.

Spiral bevel gears / Hypoid bevel gears / Zerol® bevel gears


Worm Shafts and Gears

How is the angular transmission of force and motion possible? We solve this question with worm gear sets from the Stadler drive element range.

The case-hardened worm shaft and the worm gear manufactured from bronze are paired at our facility with minimal tooth clearance, and delivered to our customers “just in time”.


Gear Racks

We offer gear racks in various designs and qualities. Custom manufacturing upon request is also possible. We deliver a custom-fit product for all fields and industries.



Reliable transmission of the large force requirements that can be found in mechanical and plant engineering. With our experience, we offer you a high-quality punched or milled sprocket that conforms to tolerances.


Splined and Profiled Shafts

For tool machinery manufactures; ideally suited for transmitting large and changing torques, with radial backlash of just a few µm. These are predominantly used in tool machinery manufacturing.


Gear Wheels

Whether you require a milled, ground or punched gear wheel, our production facility manufactures your component to fit your requirements.

From modules of 0.1 to 15, helix angles up to 45° in gearing quality 4 under DIN (process reliable).


Internal Gearing & Internal Profiles

If you require internal profiles and internal gearing with a very fast delivery time, then you are in just the right place with us.

We ream and punch grooves, profiles and gearing. The enormous advantages of Stadler productions include reliable conformity with dimensional tolerances and required quality in small and large series.


Flanged Wheel & Toothed Belt Gearing

Flanged wheel and toothed belt gearing has the advantage of being able to transmit large forces accurately, and additionally of being able to do so with minimal noise and maintenance-free.

Reliable in quality and adherence to schedule – This is what we stand for!


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