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Stadler Antriebstechnik – Quality, Flexibility, Experience.

michael stadlerDipl.-Ing. Michael Stadler MBA
Managing director Stadler Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Innovation, flexibility and experience interlock to themselves with Stadler Antriebstechnik into each other and run same-shaped like in a gear.

We create movement. Faithful to this motto we also work on the most individual orders. Very much complex impulse elements or toothing parts are delivered by ours engineering know how customer-appropriate. Toothed shafts profiles with few µm of tolerance, or specialy polished gearwheels are produced by our precision sanding machines in the pendulum's grinding.Our manufacturing technology paired with the experience of our employees permit us to solve the tasks of our customers in time. We lay value on cleanness and order. Thereby we reach a even higher process security identification number. Our product variety puts graduations. From it resulted and different product innovations result. Constant improvement and innovations serves in future to develop further capable of competition in the international market.

Also contributes our slender structure substantially for a good price / achievement relation. Among the rest, this is underlined by the good and quick communication readiness all.
On account of before, during or after the order treatment, we are there for our customers at every time.
We want to grow in future with the existing market further, that is solve the tasks of our customers even better by innovation and quality. This by constant improvement of the technical, formal and social competence.

Company History – Tradition connects.

The first and best known transmission was documented 300 years before Christ. The most different drive elements and transmissions were built since this time.
Stadler Antriebstechnik has no centuries lasting practical experience, however, we have dealt with the production of drive elements for several decades and know the practical developments of drive elements of the last 30 years.

The name Stadler Antriebstechnik stands for the consultation and production of mechanical impulse elements which forces and movements transfer. Also concerning the noise development with gears we can help. Impulse elements and smaller gear unities are manufactured in the house up to VZ-quality 4. Laser printed inspection sheets comfirm our accuracy of true running and evolvents.

On about 1.000m² multitudes of tooth-mill and grinding machines be at orders disposal. For example machines of tooth system engineering with different technologies of tooth grinding:

  • Roller method
  • Individual component method
  • Dryly grinding method
  • Wetly grinding method

Certification – DIN EN ISO 9001 / Prozess Quality

Constantly the processes are developed with us and are improved.

To fit in the chain of delivery of our customers, we adapt our chain of delivery with respect to that. Individually we decided whether treatment steps - e.g., warm treatment - must be manufactured outside. Is it important out of the product-engineering view to manufactured outside (e.g., directing big shafts on own 10000 t press), this treatment step, that means the long-standing supplier inside of a QS-control and had to document this.
This control has originated not only from our German Institute for Standardization EN ISO 9001 certification but also from our long-standing experience in the market.

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What is what drives us.

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