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Company History – Tradition connects.

The first and best known transmission was documented 300 years before Christ. The most different drive elements and transmissions were built since this time.
Stadler Antriebstechnik has no centuries lasting practical experience, however, we have dealt with the production of drive elements for several decades and know the practical developments of drive elements of the last 30 years.

The name Stadler Antriebstechnik stands for the consultation and production of mechanical impulse elements which forces and movements transfer. Also concerning the noise development with gears we can help. Impulse elements and smaller gear unities are manufactured in the house up to VZ-quality 4. Laser printed inspection sheets comfirm our accuracy of true running and evolvents.

On about 1.000m² multitudes of tooth-mill and grinding machines be at orders disposal. For example machines of tooth system engineering with different technologies of tooth grinding:

  • Roller method
  • Individual component method
  • Dryly grinding method
  • Wetly grinding method

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